LAMATWEED from CaMaRose is a very soft, rustic and 1-threaded yarn with a fine, harmonized shine and tweed effect.

LAMATWEED is spun from 40% llama wool, 40% clean new wool and 20% viscose, a silk-like natural material.

The length is 100 meters per 50 grams. The recommended gauge is 17-18 sts x 24 rows and the recommended needle size is 4.5 - 5 mm.
The colour chart in LAMATWEED is specially made for CaMaRose, based on colours occurring in nature. You can see the whole colour chart on this page.

Llama wool is an exclusive natural product. Llama wool is lanolin free, light, and strong. The hollow construction of the fibers gives an unusual, good insulation capacity.
Viscose, also called Rayon, is a natural product made from the plant material cellulose. Viscose has a silk-like expression in both shine and softness and is particularly suitable for absorbing moisture. It is flecks of viscose in different colours, that gives the tweed effect in LAMATWEED. The flecks are mainly in natural colours, such as off-white, beige, brown and black, which adds a fine look in your knit and crochet work.

LAMATWEED has, like LAMAULD, a rustic look. LAMATWEED has, with its content of viscose, a moderate shine at the surface and is softer than LAMAULD. The two qualities can replace each other and be worked together. The spinning and the tweed technique entails, that some parts of the thread have small variations of thickness in LAMATWEED. This contributes to the classic tweed look.

LAMATWEED is, with the rustic look, high insulation capacity, strength, and softness of the yarn, particularly suitable for children, classic sweaters, cardigans, outerwear, and blankets.

The spinning of the yarn entails, that LAMATWEED first unfolds completely, when knitted and washed. A knitted and washed swatch is therefore recommended, to get the full impression of the quality, look, and softness of the yarn. The flecks can give surplus fibers in the work process. The main part of these fibers is washed out at the first washes.

LAMATWEED from CaMaRose is produced in Peru.

I wish you a lot of fun with LAMATWEED, a CaMaRose yarn, made for you with care.

Best wishes, Trine Bertelsen

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