MÅNESTRÅLE is a super soft, light, airy and full-bodied yarn with 25 grams per skein and 200 meters.

MÅNESTRÅLE consist of an exclusive blend of 68% baby alpaca, 12% merino wool (mulesing free), 16% polyamid and 4% polyester. The polyamid and the polyester constitutes the fine thread of Lurex, which gives a discreet sparkle of glitter in MÅNESTRÅLE.
MÅNESTRÅLE is produced specially for CaMaRose on a family-owned Italian spinning mill.

MÅNESTRÅLE is perfect as a complimentary thread to other CaMaRose qualities, such as Yaku, Tynd Lamauld, Økologisk Sommeruld, Snefnug and Pimabomuld.
MÅNESTRÅLE is suitable for sweaters, cardigans, shawls, hats, baby, and children’s knitwear, using one thread, but also using several threads for chunky sweaters and cardigans, where you want a descreet sparkle of glitter.

The colour scale in MÅNESTRÅLE is adapted to current trends and carefully selected to match CaMaRose’s other colour scales. The 12 beautiful colours in MÅNESTRÅLE gives you a lot of options to put together your own expression. Especially, as a complimentary thread to other qualities and by combining 2-3 strands of MÅNESTRÅLE, either in unicolour or in 3 different colours, you can make your own look.

The recommended needle size using 1 strand is 3.0 - 4.0 mm. Using several threads, you can go up to a 6.0 mm needle.
Recommended gauge: 1 strand on a 3 mm needle, 19-22 sts = 10 cm.
Alternative gauges: 2 strands of MÅNESTRÅLE on a 4 mm needle, 17-18 sts = 10 cm. 3 strands of MÅNESTRÅLE on a 5 mm needle, 14-15 sts = 10 cm.
The length is 200 meters per one skein of 25 grams.
It is recommended to HAND WASH the finished work, using wool detergent and lay the finished work flat to dry.

See all the beautiful colours below and in the stores of my sweet retailers.

I wish you a lot of fun with MÅNESTRÅLE, a CaMaRose yarn, made for you with care and good conciense.

Best wishes,
Trine Bertelsen

Product info
  • Materials: 68% baby alpaca, 12% merino wool, 16% polyamid og 4% polyester
  • Recommended gauge: 19-22 sts x 30-36 rows using 1 strand on a 3 mm needle.
  • Recommended needles: 3.0 – 4.0 mm.
  • Weight / length: 25 grams = 200 meters.
  • HAND WASH / lay flat to dry.

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