STJERNESTØV is a super soft, light, airy and full-bodied yarn in an extra delicate blend of 48% super fine alpaca, 8% merino wool and 21% polyamid (glitter) and 23% polyester.

STJERNESTØV is produced by an Italian family-owned spinning mill with consideration for both environment and animal welfare, thus the merino wool used, is of course mulesing free.

STJERNESTØV is composed by a tube with glitter, as the core, in which a fine and neat blend of merino and alpaca is blown into. Altogether, this gives a strong and, at the same time, super soft and exclusive yarn.

STJERNESTØV is particularly suitable for the current trend of oversize knitwear on big needles and in many colours, where a sparkle of glitter is wished either as stripes or ribbing edges. Knitwear worked in STJERNESTØV alone, will give a soft and exclusive finish.

With all the beautiful colours in STJERNESTØV, there is a rich opportunity to combine your own colour expression.

If you wish a similar light and airy yarn in 100% natural materials without glitter, SNEFNUG is the obvious choice. See more about Snefnug HERE.

SNEFNUG and STJERNESTØV can be beautifully combined in your knitwork.

The recommended needle size is 4.0 - 6.0 mm and the recommended gauge is 12-16 sts per 10 cm and approx. 24 rows in height. The length is 110 meters per one skein of 50 grams.

It is recommended to HAND WASH the finished work, using a wool detergent and lay it flat to dry.

When washing in the machine, the finished work can shrink up to 7%, but will stretch again in use. It is recommended to knit ribbing edges a little firm and slightly narrower, as these likewise will stretch in use.

I wish you a lot of fun with STJERNESTØV, a CaMaRose yarn, made for you with care.

Best wishes,
Trine Bertelsen

Product info
  • Materials: 48% super fine alpaca, 8% merino wool, 21% polyamid and 23% polyester.
  • Recommended gauge: 12-16 sts x 24 rows.
  • Recommended needles: 4.0 – 6.0 mm.
  • Weight / length: 50 grams = approx. 110 meters.
  • It is recommended to hand wash the finished work, using a wool detergent / Lay flat to dry.

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